Black Warrant Mix



Raafae Khan : Lead Vocals
Ali Raza Farooqui : Guitars
Hassan Mir : Bass
Hassaan Gul : Drums




Founders :: M. Ali Farooqui & Ali Raza Farooqui




Special thanks to:

M. Ali Farooqui (Founder), Ayesha Hasan (Logo Artwork), Alee Mushtaq, Seher Ali, Hunble Kareemi, Zahid Butt, Yamna Jamal, Mari Malla, Eva Lisa, Lea Schmidt, [BW Community / Fans] and BW support team for their unconditional loyalty. (Apologies to all those we must thank but can’t list here...thank you for your support).


The Black Warrant lineup has evolved over the years, and those changes brought with them some great people and very talented musicians. We feel it's important to acknowledge those that have been with us in the past as helped contribute to Black Warrant's reputation and success. We thank Kashif Khan, Andrew Mark, Ali Iqbal, Farooq, Muaz, Raza Ali and Eddy for their valuable contributions.


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