February 17th,2018

Sounds produced by "Black Warrant" pulverize the central nervous system, infusing into the higher nerve centers. Heavy guitars, solid drums, firm bass and screeching vocals make this band a choice of many who love heavy metal.

Formed in 1997, as an underground metal band [formally known as Metal Purge (1995-1997)].

Black Warrant continues its success with live audiences. No doubt, being one of the oldest heavy metal bands of Pakistan still active today, Black Warrant is moving towards new heights of personal and professional development, with a vision to revolutionize the music industry by producing music with a stronger message.

Our main focus remains on heavy metal with diverse influences that come along with the evolution of a band made to survive.

“We play metal, rock, industrial depending on our mood…we do what we feel like. That is one main reason why our music is different”. Ali Raza Farooqi.

Black Warrant is among metal's most socially aware groups, making room for serious subject matter.

“We strongly oppose copying intellectual property of any kind and encourage creativity”. Black Warrant.

The fight against injustice, vulgarity, social disorder, immorality & transgression continues.

Thank you for visiting our site, hope you'll get blown away.


The Black Warrant

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