In November 1995, two brothers, Ali Raza and M.Ali, who had been playing guitar for a few years; decided to get a group of musicians together and form a thrash metal band known as "Metal Purge". Andrew joined in as band's drummer and bass guitar duties were performed by various artists. The band started off with playing live cover songs and paying tribute to bands that influenced their music, their song list composed of Anthrax, Pantera, Overkill, Metal Church and Megadeth covers (to name a few). When Andrew left for Canada in December 1996 they disbanded.

“The Black Warrant” was formed by Ali Raza (vocalist & guitarist) in February 1997 as a Heavy Metal band with Industrial Metal influences. His brother M. Ali also joined as rhythm guitarist. Working with a few session players, they released a cover song 'Jogia' (by Junoon) which became a huge hit, showing a glimpse of the potential of this rising force.

In 1999, they released their first album ‘Recover’, which was composed of cover songs. Well executed covers like The Wait (Killing Joke\Metallica), Into the Pit (Fight) and Painkiller (Judas Priest) further fortified their reputation as a leading and one of very few Heavy Metal bands of Pakistan. Black Warrant also diversified their music, not being afraid to experiment and broaden their grasp on the art of music. They became the first band to play many songs of different languages. The cover of Rammstein’s “Spiel mit mir” proved a great success as a cover song along with a few others.

In 2001, Kashif Khan joined the band as lead vocalist. M. Ali took up bass guitar dities and Ali Raza handled rhythm and lead guitars. Eddy played as a secessionist on drums. Black Warrant toured many cities all over Pakistan.

Between 2002 and 2003, Black Warrant became mainly inactive as M.Ali and Ali Raza took part in a side project called “Alianz”. They performed shows throughout Pakistan including Islamabad, Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan and Karachi. Even though it was met with success, Ali Raza and M. Ali felt their need and love for Heavy Metal and decided to get back to Black Warrant.

In 2004, they released their original album “Desi” with the title song Desi. The album contained some of the original songs composed since the band was first formed. The song Desi became very popular locally and abroad. During same year M. Ali and Kashif took a break and Umer (rhythm), Farooq (vocals) and Ahmed (bass) joined in the band.

In 2005, Black Warrant released some of their experimental compositions in an album called "Silent Wish". It included a mix of Instrumental Rock and some Techno/Industrial musical elements. Later in 2005, Umer and Farooq were asked to leave the band because of their lack of interest in Metal. Kashif Khan came back to take his spot behind the microphone and M.Ali consented to wield his axe once more.

2006 proved to be very active year with two back to back albums “Recover II” and “Electric”. Black Warrant also performed in UAE, USA and Australia during this year. They also joined hands with a radio partner City FM 89, in an initiative to promote metal in Pakistan, this alliance did not turn out well and Black Warrant decided to end the collaboration.

In 2007, Black Warrant with various artists who played Drums and Bass for the band. Black Warrant announced the making of their new album "Decade Of Destruction" planned to be released in 2010 after they were done with various commitments. During 2008 they released an LP of “Raw Power”.

In early 2009 both Kashif and M.Ali had to relocate and thus leave the band. The new album was postponed till further notice.

In January 2010, Black Warrant came out with a new lineup and new spirit. The lineup consisted of Raafae Khan (vocals), Ali Raza Farooqui (guitars), Hassan Mir (bass) and Hassaan Gul (drums), bringing the evolution of the band to an even greater height.

* This is just an overview of events and does not contain every detail.

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